Greens of November

Thank you Scott! My gardener friend who is finally getting my garden to grow! In the mist of winter we have salad. So exciting! I am a winter gardener. And its so easy, all the liquid sunshine you could possibly want.


Rain is the word

Oddly this finely feels like a Seattle winter. We have flowers but the air has definetly gotten crisper and I am busily working on a sweater for P in an attempt to keep her just a little snugglier during this chilly and windy time. All the while she is busy creating the world around her..


Little Fall Love for Grandma

We have been collecting various leaves. Some have ended up in the wonderful leaf press my dad made me a few years back for various fall projects and some have made a little loveliness around the house. But by far the most enjoyable project has involved freshly gathered leaves and lots of tempura paint. This is a spoiler!!! As we are bringing to Grandma's house for a centerpiece to decorate for the Thanksgiving festivities. For now we are enjoying it at our house. There is definitely enough love to spread around. Happy Fall!!


Little Nests

What fun we had today. Digging worms and putting the garden boxes to bed with fig leaves. Thoses worms never had such a nice bed to play in! Tobias and I have been taking parenting classes for the past several weeks. And looking at new ways to see our selves as we grow and learn with Pera. I am trying to let a little bit of my neat freak go. Trying to get closer to Pera in play, in laughter and in tears. Its a work in progress, but so worth it.