cross stitch!

This would be my craft of childhood. Many a day was spent watching old black and white movies and cross stitching. I kept all of my supplies for years but haven't really touched it in at least 10. Then a couple weeks ago I had a knitterly and a couple of girls mentioned they would like to try cross stitching. I broke out the boxes of supplies; my skein holders, needles, hoops, fabrics, and my large box of little envelopes holding extra colors all neatly organized and got them started. Then on my library list up came this book and oh, I was hooked again. Who knows for how long, but I have fantasies of incorporating little stitches into P's clothes, other little projects around the house and who knows what else. I love the Seattle Public Library for having all these wonderful books, like this, or this, and so many more. The late fees get me. Oh but all the options in craft books are so enticing. I keep coming back, I consider it my donation to a wonderful non profit in our community.

This week we had a bit of sun and I thought, I have to take some blog photos!! To show you it is not always grey in Seattle (even when it feels like it).

There is something else on this page but I have to keep it under wraps until Valentine's Day!  T no peeking!!
A little story about these elven feet under the deer cloak. I admit I did not measure center to start this little piece. I began working from the top down and realized about half way through that this cut of fabric was not long enough to place the highly recommended legs. So I opted to change it to a costume deer with a little elf's feet tiptoeing across the page. Not sure it works. What do you think? Measuring is a good idea, but sometimes fun to throw caution to the wind and just see what happens. See the sun? Trust me its there!


The circus is coming

With this new space I am getting ready to do some bigger projects. But first I am going to get a few things out of my to do basket so I can make a fresh start this year. First up Circus flags/party flags/whatever you want them to be flags

Next up... Tobias found these crafting cabinets FOSOR (Free on side of road) and lugged them home and cleaned them up. They are going to be our new colorful crafty cupboards. The walls behind them might get a new coat of color too.


A room for crafting

We have been in this place a few years but while it seems I can unpack most rooms, my craft space has sat in boxes for a long time. I have ideas, but I wanted to create a space on the thrift and wanted it to be a space for the whole family. Well for the holidays my sweetest of sweets found just what I was dreaming about. They are recycled, cheap and getting/giving us such a great second use. I think this bit of thoughtfulness in the gift department tops the charts (that sigh of relief in the background is the guy who lugged them from UW Surplus to our house, cleaned them and placed them with a big red bow by the back door for me to find). Now if we can just get some color on these white walls... Looking at the yards of fabric in the top cubbies, what color do you think should don the walls?


Catch up on Creations

Well while I have not been very attentive to blogging. There has been a lot of living and creating going on around here. Here are some lovelies I have made for the holidays and beyond:


Happy New Year

"It's your Day of all Days! It's the Best of the Best! So don't waste a minute! Hop to it! Get dressed!" ~ Dr. Seuss

Last night as we played late into the night we tried out something new.. Learning a new craft on NYE.. This year it was crochett which I had been meaning to do. I do finishing work on various knitted projects but I am smitten with a crochett turtle from this book and have made it my goal to make for P for her birthday.. Shhh!! Its a mama turtle with eggs inside.. The little eggs can hatch into little turtles. It tickles me every time I think about it. Tobias balked at first but in short order was seated next to me on the couch and stealing my hook and yarn saying this would be his new craft! For more crochett goodness and inspiration check out Posie Gets Cozy.

Happy New Year All! Peace and Love to you and yours!