purple pointy kitty

This is purple pointy kitty. She is a free pattern provided by Hillary Lang. There are a couple more photos of her here. PP kitty is probably the 7th or 8th kitty I have made in the past year. Each time I have learned a little more. The stitching on the felted pieces are all done with blanket stitch. This tutorial helped a lot. Her body fits right in Pera's hand. She can carry her around easy in one little fist. The first kitty I made was not stuffed enough in the body and over stuffed in the head. This meant that she was heavy headed and would fall over due to a whispy breath. Also her head wagged back and fourth barely hanging on to her body. This was fixed in subsequent kitties with straight stitching between the body and the head on either side after first cross-stitching the body to the head. Finally although the pattern called for wool felt it was hard to find at my LFS and while learning to sew this little kit I wanted to keep it cheap. But as you can see in the first kitty photo the pink polyester felt did not keep very long. For other pointy kitty photos take a look here.

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