Pace aka Peace

I have been thinking a lot lately about when I was a kiddo and summer was that ocean of time that spanned on for ever. Days did not have delineated hours that ticked by rather they all ran one day into the next (especially in Alaska during the summer - night time was the short window between dusk and dawn that one might catch a few winks or play on until day again, smile).
We need to look at ways of incorporating that into our day to day! Take walks, naps, paint, play and just sit under a tree and watch the day unfold. Or I will need to immigrate to a country with a siesta and a slower pace of life (which is not a half bad idea).
For now I take pleasure in the day to day as much as possible and remind myself through my daughter's eyes to live in the moment.. Tomorrow will come too quickly.

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Jackie said...

Ahhhhhh yes the slower pace is such a good reminder & Pera does help with that doesn't she? her curiousity and wonder at life is like a warm sunny glow!!!! what great pics...she and you all are a delight to me!!! big hugs & smooches jackie