Weekend in the sun

The Beach: Hermit crabs, climbing, sun and sand

We woke up Sunday morning and were lounging in a bed dripping with sunlight. Its October right? So we all agreed it was time to catch a ferry and go to the beach! I have lived in Seattle how long and have never been to Vashon Island, a 20 minute ferry ride away. It was time for swift corrective action (nothing happens swiftly around here but after 15+ years in Seattle we were ready to take the trip)! We made the ferry, hopped on shore and after a few twists and turns wound up in the sweet village of Vashon proper. We had a decadent breakfast at the Hardware store and then found ourselves at the local farmers market.

We thought we would hit a local pumpkin patch on our way to the beach but found ourselves at a local pumpkin carving contest with the Vashon Youth Council (VYC). Look for all entries on their website at the bottom of the left hand side. They graciously let us take our pumpkin home rather than displaying it in the town through Halloween. Thank you! Our first family carving.

After high jacking our pumpkin entry we headed to KVI beach. This is a private beach owned by a broadcasting company to house one of their broadcasting towers. That aside it is sweet, sandy, warm with wildlife galore and dog friendly. Very fun. Pera asked where we would be staying on the beach over night and then when found out we would not be camping was certain we could just stay anyways and sleep in the car.. We will be back.

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