Books in the New Year!

I am no bibliophile yet, but a girl can aspire. My library may disagree though. We all three had to get cards (of a 50 book limit each) in our house just to keep up with the number of books we wanted to bring home each week. With very little access to a tv around here, we read A LOT!  We are wading our way through 3 chapter books right now with our daughter and my reading stack and list is ever growing. So much to do and learn! With that in mind, my mom was lamenting she never knows what books to get us, as we seem to go through so many books. I thought it was time to start our own "book lust" list of sorts. Books we would love to read again and again! While the library is great! (We love it and know our friendly librarian by name.) There are some books you just need to have around you all the time. So in the coming weeks, I will finally be updating my sidebar with our book list and making some crafty entries of months past as well. Here are just a few books we are loving right now:

Tobias and Pera are reading these pretty most often. They tend to get a new one each month they visit the Nordic Heritage Museum. I have to say I am excited about the introduction of chapter books in our home, it means I can sit with them and knit while Tobias reads. If you have ever heard him read a story or spin a tail you know this is a total treat. I might get through this February Sweater for me before say, June! For more on Moomin check out Tove Jansson's site.

We are slowly adding these books to our collection as well. In fact I would say this is Pera's favorite series right now. She was Jenny Linsky for Halloween (I had to add the tagline: The black cat from Greenwich Village, for most adults who stared at us blankly when they asked the question of every child at Halloween, "What will you be for Halloween?") Pictures to come.. Pera doesn't like photo sessions, and haven't quite got the photo I want to share with you yet...
Finally, Grandma came recently and brought this sweet little read. I think it is book #2 of a series? Any how much fun with all of Tobias' voices and reading fabulousness. More soon! What are you reading?

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