strawberry fields

Wow time just flies by.. While I keep thinking I will get here to record some thoughts the days continue to pass too quickly. Today was glorious. A walk to play space we love (toddler time at Rainier Community Center) to meet with friends we love!! Then off to our local library for puzzles and books and a quick trip by our favorite bakery, Columbia City Bakery for a tiny chocolate chip masterpiece. The flowers are out in all colors and spring is definetly coming. Now if the temperature could just cooperate and warm up.

As you can see from above (can't seem to figure out how to get it to post a photo anywhere else other than the top of my entry) we are making a tea party. I have been making these little strawberries this last week for my strawberry berry girl. She loves strawberries! Really any berry except for these guys! For some reason when she walks past this little table she leaves everything as is and chucks the strawberries all over the floor. We have not gotten into why yet but that is how it is..

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Mama II said...

Very nice, slow is good in this crazy world. Keep it coming. Love the strawberries--perfect for a little redhead!